Friday, September 9, 2011

12 container house

this is one of my favorite container homes out there, designed by architecture and hygiene (it's even available for rent, for a small fortune). i especially love that they used a large metal agriculture building to enclose the main shipping containers giving it a warm and cozy feeling. 
i wonder if Keith Tantilinger, builder of the modern day cargo container had a chance to see his innovation applied in this fantastic "reuse" before passing away this past month, i sure hope so.

ps have a fab weekend!

photos via wide open spaces


jacob said...

my favorite isn't here!
the two container with the angled roof in the center...
i'll have to send you a link.

fine little home said...

that one is cute, i like how simple it is. but i have yet to see it completed. do you have a link of it completed?