Friday, May 27, 2011

Another blog to obsess over!

I have seen posts here and there about this new blog called The Burning House. So I checked it out...well it absolutely consumed me! I went through the whole thing savoring every bit. The photos alone are fascinating, but then reading what they were taking with them was intriguing. The added bonus is being able to check out the blogs, websites & shops of the individuals who's precious items lay before you.
So what would I grab if my home were burning?

- my children
- the ashes of my sweet little pup Ruby Roo
- my mac
- as much art as I can grab, especially our family Portrait drawn by the wonderful Ashley G and   another custom painting~ a rendition of my eldest son as a baby.
- and if my hubby for some reason couldn't grab himself out, then I would.
- i suppose i should grab my iphone and Nikon too and maybe some shoes.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vacation like a Rock Star......

or just pretend you are along with me. Summer is just around the corner (let's hope) and I find myself daydreaming about a nice little vacation somewhere far far away in another country and then reality hits, who am I kidding! I have two young active boys that basically spend all day "rearranging" the house, taking a vacation in a fancy home with those two monkeys(that I adore) would be out of the question. I can't even go 30 miles in a car with them before they go bananas, what would a 18 hour flight be like! Dear me, my Rock Star lifestyle will have to wait ; ) Until then let's gush over this vacation home in the hills of Austria via Welcome Beyond - Hand picked paradise. If you have time check out the other digs you can vacay in, delish!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DIY day

Totally random but all would be equally fun to take a swing at. I'm pretty sure we'll be making that fab-u-lous pipe shelving for the hubbies office, of course it was made by the talented Morgan at The Brick House. I'm starting to feel like the president of The Brick House fan club but she really does rock at the DIY and to cut myself a break she did "borrow" the idea from the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.
Anyway enjoy!

Fab Pipe & Wood Shelving unit via The Brick House.

Brilliant Letterpress Art via design Sponge via one of my favorite designers.

Lovely little sewn book via see kate sew.

Because I wish I posted this last week via wit & whistle. a must do!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

weeHOUSES by Alchemy

I heart prefab and no I don't mean the old school prefab "it's not a mobile, it's a home" prefab. I mean the modern, walls of windows, clean lined ones with tons of "green" features! In the past few years there has been a surge of modern prefab companies popping up here and there. Most of them look super and are usually eco/LEED built but then the price point is high when all is said and done (most are not all inclusive). I would love to see a "green" prefab (modern) all inclusive with a small footprint for around $50,000, can anyone out there do that? Until then here is a nice prefab by Alchemy called the weeHOUSE, price point starts at $79,000 and goes way up to $315,000 for a 4br 2 1/2 ba 2350 sqft home.

Monday, May 23, 2011

WARBY PARKER helping the world one pair at a time.

Warby Parker is a collaboration between four close friends with a great sense of style and a great heart. For every pair of glasses you buy they will donate a pair to someone in need. And as an added bonus these hipster spectacles are only $95 plus free shipping!
edit: i forgot to mention WP is coming out with sunglasses just in time for summer!

Another company making a difference in the World is TOMS, buy a pair of shoes give a pair to a child in need.

PS speaking of giving.... I want to share with you a kick ass giveaway (spotted on design crush), you can enter to win an ipad 2!

The contest is offered by the ever so gracious MeridaHome via the adorable Erin at Design For Mankind! But if you win I get to co-own it with you, k?

and two TOMS i kind of dig, okay i say kind of because these aren't usually my style but i do think they're cute and it's for a good cause. i have a black pair and they are super comfy and look good with skinny jeans ; )