Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Seed Cathedral


These are thousands upon thousands of seeds collected by the Royal Botanical Gardens and then meticulously displayed in transparent acrylic rods that glow and change throughout the days light. This award winning Seed Cathedral was created by Heatherwick Studio for  the Shanghai Expo in 2010. This is so breathtaking that it's hard to imagine what it must have felt like inside the structure itself, amazing I'm sure.
via Black Eiffel photos via Heatherwick Studio

 PS there is a super sweet giveaway here and here

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yarn Bombing

Yarn bombing sounds so destructive and this amazing use of yarn is anything but. I went down to Pioneer Square last week and was instantly squealing with glee when I saw that they "bombed" the park across the street from the hubbies office. Even though it was just a few poles and trees I could already see it was going to look like a crazy cozy Dr. Seuss dreamland! I went back this weekend to check out the progress and actually got to meet the lovely artist Suzanne Tidwell, she was just as cozy as her yarn art. Suzanne and a couple of assistants are putting the whole thing up so it's taking some time but I for one am glad they are making our city a little more beautiful one snuggly at a time!
pics are via my iphone

Monday, June 27, 2011

pack your lunch

i heart bento boxes actually i heart anything that packages something in a delightful way that you can reuse. these little brotzeit boxes were designed by PostlerFerguson for airlines to (hopefully) serve their food in. well at least the food will look pretty not so sure it will taste any better ; ) i would love to get my hands on them for my little ones lunch.
i also love these mason jar meals equally by the decorated cookie, brilliant!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Kerf Design

Kerf design is a Seattle based custom furniture and cabinet shop. This eco friendly company has a keen sense of design and an eye for detail........ mixed with a whole lot of awesome! I love the pops of color, asymmetrical lines and simple materials used to make each piece unique from the other.
photos via Kerf Design

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer!

It's the first day of summer and we are heading out to enjoy the day! Any fun plans happening in your life this summer? I hope so!
The kids are home all day and we have a pretty full schedule planned so I sadly won't be able to keep up with the bloggity blog. But I'll still post every now and then so swing back when you can. I'll try and post the various projects we'll be working on around the house and hopefully post random pics of the pretty little things that make my day. And to all of you who follow my blog.... thank you, you're the bee's knees!

Happy 1st day of summer!

hoping to be out on the water all summer. via here

and getting the tipi set up in the backyard! via here

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pretty in Portland

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity, we went down to Portland and back to Seattle in less than 26hrs, wowzer's! We went down to help my brother and his girlfriend (and her son) move into their new home, yay new digs! I was so jealous of the wood counters in the kitchen, the penny tiles in the bath and the Schoolhouse Electric Co. fixtures in every room! I actually had planned on heading into Schoolhouse Electric but it just wasn't in the cards for this trip, what a total bummer.
I also really wanted to eat at Ken's Pizza but then we decided to make things easier on us and stick to the hood(3 boys = make things easy) and grab a bite at Lovely's Fifty-Fifty pizza, oh my, it was heavenly! Everyone should drop what you are doing and go right now!
West Elm was also on my list of spots to hit and we actually did manage to walk in the doors 30 minutes before they closed. It was a big flop! I don't know why but it just didn't do it for me, I've been there a few times and would find things I liked but this time it just felt blah. Okay, I did see a pillow that was pretty and a rug that I could have brought home but in general blah. So I made everyone run down to DWR before they closed their doors but crud they closed an hour before, luckily we have one up here but closing at 6pm on a Saturday night kind of really sucks.Two Tarts Bakery.... nope, Bolt fabrics........ out of the question and finally I wanted to check out this lovely little shop that has simple beautiful clothing but did I go...... NO! Oh Una I really wanted to touch the pretty little things in your shop but I ran out of time and it was papa's day so I needed to let the hubby have a say too. But when I come back down to Portland with friends we'll be sure to come drool all over your almost one of a kind clothes ; )

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sweet Paul Magazine

I hope you won't hate me for posting another e-magazine but if you're anything like me and love style mags, crafting idea's and yummy recipes then you'll love this magazine!
Paul Lowe is a talented food and prop stylist, crafter, blogger and has published 22 cookbooks in 12 languages. Oh and then he decided to launch Sweet Paul Magazine in 2010! That btw can be found in a few languages as well, show off ; ) When does he find time to sleep!? Be sure to check out the back issues, so many yummy recipes, lot's of lovely drinks to mix up for anytime of year and a ton of eye candy. If you would like a chance to win a printed copy of his magazine then click here, good luck ; )

Sweet Paul sportin' an adorable bow tie!