Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY - bunk & captain beds

our boys are getting bigger (as in huge!) but they still love squishing into our queen size bed like a bunch of weasels. i usually end up with a foot in my face or in my back. they have their own rooms but they prefer to sleep with us, i think they just like knowing we're all together. our oldest will fall asleep in his bed but then like clock work will tip toe into our room around 3am. our youngest just plops down in our bed each night and falls asleep. so we decided bunk beds (or something for two) were in order before we have a mama & papa with two bad backs.
here are a few i've found over the years and then remodelista made it easy for me and put most of my top picks in one place, thanks remodelista ; )

ps - the best thing about having them in our bed is getting to watch them sleep, their small faces are smushy mushy delicious.


blurbs from the burbs said...

those are cool, I like the 2nd one the best for your house. I feel I should warn you about changing sheets on bunk beds and how that will also give you a bad back! train your kids to do it!! (and then train mine!)

fine little home said...

i like that one too but i do fear that my little ones would find it fun to jump from the top bunk and land head first on our 'soft' concrete floors.

and who says i'll be making anyones bed? i do not make their beds unless we have guest come over. dirty little secret revealed. i do want to say i make my bed everyday.

dana said...

my oldest comes into our bed around 3am too! I don't mind that as long as she starts in her own bed - which is a bunk bed - i cannot wait until her and her younger brother can share a room. i think they will find comfort in knowing that they are together.

fine little home said...

we've been stuffing our two boys in our older sons twin bed for a few weeks now. we're hoping they'll find comfort in having the other one there but one of them will eventually creep into our room. we have noticed that with each week that goes by we have less visits, so i think it's working ; )
best of luck to you with your little bunnies.

Anonymous said...

I loved your inspiration, very well put together! I've got this linked to my bunk beds post too today, thanks!

Thomas Watson said...

Great collection of bunk beds. Thanks for the inspiration.