Friday, March 16, 2012

pour pour coffee

happy friday friends!

i promise to give you my 'etsy find' for today but first i would like to share a little something something...

my brother, who is a pretty awesome dude btw, is starting his own brew-to-order coffee tricycle called pourpour coffee. hopefully you'll find him pedaling around the streets of Portland brewing you a cup of joe—and you will if he's able to get enough funding to 'kick start' his endeavor

that's where you could come in.... if you would like to help his small business come to life please make a small, medium or grande donation here!
the program he is going through is 'kickstarter'—they are a pretty rad website that helps all kinds of creative people & small businesses reach their goals. you are able to fund a project of your liking, and you usually get some cool stuff back too! the one bad thing is if the person you are funding (hopefully my bro) doesn't reach their goal they get nothing, bummer right? 
so please please please go check it out and if you can make a donation to pourpour coffee i'll be your bff ; )

okay, now on to my 'etsy find' for today....

i just got three handsome little fellows from etsy shop 'gingiber'. they make prints, totes, calendars and of course the cutest pillows for your little ones. i love them, my boys love them and i'm pretty darn sure you'll love them!

we got one in yellow and one in red

we got him too

 have a happy weekend!

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jacob said...

thanks, big sis, for posting pourpour coffee's kickstarter! everyone go check it out!