Friday, May 27, 2011

Another blog to obsess over!

I have seen posts here and there about this new blog called The Burning House. So I checked it out...well it absolutely consumed me! I went through the whole thing savoring every bit. The photos alone are fascinating, but then reading what they were taking with them was intriguing. The added bonus is being able to check out the blogs, websites & shops of the individuals who's precious items lay before you.
So what would I grab if my home were burning?

- my children
- the ashes of my sweet little pup Ruby Roo
- my mac
- as much art as I can grab, especially our family Portrait drawn by the wonderful Ashley G and   another custom painting~ a rendition of my eldest son as a baby.
- and if my hubby for some reason couldn't grab himself out, then I would.
- i suppose i should grab my iphone and Nikon too and maybe some shoes.

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