Friday, June 10, 2011

World Survival kit

I had a very special person in my life graduate from high school this week. The lucky fellow is taking a year off to travel the World! I knew his parents would be getting him the more important essentials for a World adventure so I decided to get him a few little things that would make him happy and comfortable. I printed out a photo of everything in the kit and then wrote an itemized list below as a fun card. As a nice little bonus the paper bag I got from American Apparel had the names of different cities from around the World on it so it made a perfect gift bag. I hope he loved it and I wish him all the best on this super amazing trip that will be life changing!
BTW I must admit I was totally inspired by this blog when I came up with this idea.

Have a happy weekend!

1. American Apparel Hoodie (softest in the World), 2. A good pair of briefs ( and when I say good I mean clean), 3. Swiss Army knife (purple), 4. Chapstick spf 15 (because you should take care of your lips, people notice), 5. Gum (fresh breath goes a long way), 6. two good pens to write your ideas down (these are French), 7. one charcoal pencil (to draw all the lovely things you will see), 8. one nice all lead pencil(this one is my favorite), 9. a drawing pad ( to draw in), 10. a waterproof journal ( in case you want to write something down in the pouring down rain, while river rafting or if your tears happen to fall upon the pages, no one will ever know), 11. airmail letter pad (so you can write me), 12. airmail envelopes ( to send the letters in), 13. a rubber band (because you never know when you will need one).

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