Friday, June 3, 2011

simple living on the island of Gotland

A smallish dwelling built on a limited budget with limited resources and even more limited placement, this creative house was born. With skilled friends at hand and inventive building plans they were able to build a serene home that maximized funds as well as materials. I really love how open and bright it feels. To learn more about the building process head over to DinellJohansson.

Have a happy weekend!


Nicolai Hel said...

Halo miss d!
Thank you for adding my little orange fire place to your favorite items....and more importantly for the link to your blog. It appears we share a very similar aesthetic (not to mention I've a black shirt with a viking ship print on it and 'GOTLAND" printed below!) That's what caught my attention first until I looked through the photos of your lovely house. If you look through my shop, ChristopherModern, you'll catch a glimpse here and there of my little cottage. One day soon I hope to find a spot to build my own little place and yours is very much and inspiration. Thank you again and, with your permission, I'll share you blog link with my community of friends who minded. Best Regards, Nicholas (aka ChristopherModern)

fine little home said...

That is so like life to bring folks together in random little ways. i almost didn't blog about this lovely home today but now it seems it was meant to be ; ) of course you can share my blog with friends, hell you can even share it with strangers!

i love your shop and i'll go take another look- see so i can catch a glimpse of your home : )