Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DIY for under $10

this was a fun easy diy, i bought a blouse for $2.99 at goodwill, it's a nice simple flowing rayon. I had a bottle of rit dye waiting to be used but if you need to buy some it's only $3.99 a bottle, then started dipping and dying! so easy and it looks great but i do think i may dip the bottom, what do you think?


homemade decals made from contact paper about $3.99 - $5.00 a roll. again super easy, just draw your design, cut and stick up! this design used very little of the roll so i had enough left over to contact paper a few more things.

i thought about doing this but just never got around to grabbing a million paint chip samples at my local hardware store ; ) but hey it's a free diy! i love the soft colors and the no commitment to any one color, and did i mention it's free!
via cozy little cave.

diy eco friendly art, i love this one because it's pretty much free and it's really pretty sculpture art made out of toilet paper roll ends. i'm going to have the kids help me with this one, i think we'll paint the inside white and then have a few pops of color here and there or maybe just the pop of color kind of like the one below via the rockin' diy'ers over at chezerbey. i think we can call this one free, right?
via here


Ruth May said...

You've a lovely blog! I can't believe I just found it! <3

fine little home said...

thank you, loving your blog too! the photos are lovely and so are you ; )