Thursday, July 14, 2011

Office sneak Peek

it's been a slow and sometimes frustrating process mixed in with a lot of fun and now we're closer to being done with my hubbies office makeover. we have a very limited budget at the moment but in a few months we'll be able to add a few additional touches that will really make the place pop! we decided to make the conference table ourselves (well almost), we ending up finding a large 4' x 8' slab of bamboo at ecohaus and then commissioned a local welder to make the legs. now we just need to cut a foot off the width and assemble everything. we have the chairs for the conference table and i'll be hitting ikea for the storage shelving even though i soooooo wanted to have kerf make our shelves (waaayyy out of our budget). i also need to pick up some more bamboo slabs so we can make a tall pony wall for the little "lounge" area and another book shelf to match the ones currently in the space even though i am not a big fan but i do have a little makeover in store for those too ; )
anyway let's get to the fun stuff..... a sneak peek at the design inspiration! can you guess what we went with? ; )

images are from the web and just gathered over the months, please let me know if you are not okay with me posting your image

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