Tuesday, August 9, 2011

bling bling

i can get a bit smitten with lovely little jewels from time to time and this weekend to say the least i became consumed! i couldn't help myself, i first got a fantastic "fan coupon" from one of my favorite local designers, Sarah Loertscher (& here)and then i discovered another jewelry designer (that i love) was having a fun contest where you can win a 20, 30 or 40% off discount for every limerick you enter. so i gave it my best and i hit the mother load winning a 40% off coupon!
if you go to the fabulous miss Rebekah's Etsy shop Lunasa Designs and email her a limerick (written by you) she will send you (at random) a 20-40% off discount. but hurry hurry because it ends August 10th!
can't you see one of these fine little rings on your finger? her earthy design is simple yet very fun and edgy, i also love that she gives you the beneficial qualities of each stone. i chose the coral set (2nd set down) and an onyx ring from the stacked collection but in a smooth finish. Rebekah is perfectly helpful when choosing a ring, so if you don't see something that is exactly what you want just shoot her a line and she'll most likely whip it up! ; )

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