Friday, October 7, 2011

sak ceramics... a sneak peek!

one of my longest and dearest of friends will be opening her new shop s.a.k ceramics soon soon soon!

the second i saw her sweet rustic bowls i begged her to make me a little trio of my own....
but being a wonderfully generous lady she made me seven tiny bowls to decorate my home.

they are the perfect size for serving sea salt & pepper, a little bit of soft butter, the boys love to use them for their soy sauce and i like stashing my rings in the one by the sink...... oh the list can go on and on!

you'll be able to get them in a spectrum of delightful colors and larger if you want, but the tiny ones are my favorite of the bunch.

 thank you dear friend and i wish you all the best!

photos via my iphone

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