Thursday, October 20, 2011

stone creek camp

Andersson-Wise designed this remote Montana Camp that rest high above a lake. You enter at the  gatehouse that sits at the top of the hill then a path leads you to the master house, main lodge and guesthouse. I would love to see the cut wood wall in person, simply beautiful.

via archilovers


jacob said...

this is super nice, but way so super fancy. not quite the obtainable vacay home. just saying.
it is cool!

fine little home said...

it is a bit over the top and i am sure they spent way more than most folks can afford but what i think you can take away from it is the energy the space is giving due to the materials used and the position of buildings. i think anyone can make a cut wood wall or even just a small framed area with the cut wood or re-use old wood planks for walls or even just take one aspect of the home they love most and apply it to their budget, don't ya think? besides i have a feeling it's a lodge and not just a vacation home.

jacob said...

yes, some great stuff to get ideas from.
it does look lodge-ey.