Thursday, March 17, 2011

the modern day farmer

a green roof to keep the temp inside just right
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Here in the NW Urban farming has become all the rage, although I must say I hope it's not just a temporary trend. Being able to feed your family with wholesome organic food that you grow or raise right in your own back yard is something worth keeping around long term. I must admit we have not been able to get our little urban farm a runnin' but this summer we hope to get it up, chicken coop and all.  We'll be designing and building our own coop because that's how we roll(along with our pocket book) however the coop will not roll but it will look something like the coop by Make design studio minus the wheels. Seattle Tilth sometimes has a coop building class available if designing your own seems a little daunting. But if your not so handy with the tool belt you can always start your own small farm right away with one of these ready to go coops shown above or another great resource to find a local coop builder is on craigslist!Oh and I must dress the part of Urban farm mama with these sweet threads.....

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What's New on the Mantel said...

Thank-you for featuring our little red gathering basket! love your blog. my son wants to be an urban chicken farmer SOOO BAD