Thursday, March 31, 2011

The reinvented longhouse

You will soon discover that I kind of have a thing for long narrow homes. This 1700 sqft longhouse on the coast of California is no exception. Maybe I am so fond of them because they are reminiscent of the longhouses you find here in NW, I even remember building them with sticks in the backyard when I was young, I suppose it's safe to say that's where my obsession began. Both are long simple cedar buildings connected to nature but I suppose that's where the similarities end. This reinvented longhouse is built by the talented architecture/design group Turnbull Griffen Haesloop. They are well known for building sustainable and site sensitive homes as well as wineries, churches, libraries and independent schools. I could see myself living in so many of their beautiful eco conscious homes.

On a completely unrelated subject I just realized that I started this blog just 32 days ago! I am enjoying it very much and hope you are too ; )


betsyb12 said...

I love this house! I can picture Jude cruising, skating, sliding up and down the length of it on those beautiful wood floors!

fine little home said...

i can see it too! but be sure to invite us over so we can join him ; )

Urban Weeds said...

Amazing. I love it!!!!