Thursday, March 10, 2011

T is for Tipi

(via Reliable tipi & the LA times)

We just got our Backyard Tipi delivered today, wow that was fast! I was so excited that I took everything out of the box right away, only to discover that it might be a little bigger than our living room has space for. Although it's permanent home will be out back it's just too wet for that today. This weekend we will hopefully build a platform with some free wood pallets we found via craigslist to keep it nice a dry. I am also thinking we should paint the bottom part of the tipi and maybe a little bit on the top to give it some color and to prevent it from wicking up the moisture. The tipi is really for our sons birthday party next month but I think I am just as excited as the kids are! I'll post some pretty little things I found on Etsy to decorate the tipi with and to wear to the party later. Of course I can't buy it all but a little fantasy shopping is always fun.

If you don't want to buy a tipi you can always try making your own (I made a smaller one for my oldest son a few years ago, super easy, pics later), 

(via remodelista)

 Maybe someday I'll get to have my own big tipi to slumber in all summer long, so dreamy.....

(via Colorado Yurt Co.)

I am really loving the stripes on the one above and the triangles on the tipi's below.

(via Nomadics tipi makers)

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