Tuesday, March 8, 2011


As easy as buying shoes online you can buy a little studio or guesthouse for the backyard or maybe as a small cabin for your land. I would love to have 5 or 10 of these Modern Cabana's on my dream lake front property to enjoy with friends and family, oh someday......

here are a few other prefab's worth checking out, but if you live in the Seattle area you should drive by Garden Solutions in downtown Bothell and check out their modern shed, it's about half the price of these and totally custom (the website sucks so you really need to go in person). 

Modern Shed is now located in Seattle (below).


If you are looking for something a little bigger here are two companies that can make that happen but really there are so many options out there these days just check out Prefab.com  or fabprefab.com

Method Homes 


The LV Series below.  

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