Monday, March 21, 2011

wood you ever?

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 I have a thing for wood rooms, I know most folks think "70's yuck" if someone was to even suggest such a thing. But if done right it can be a beautiful design element and  make a room feel cozy and warm or even airy with a simple sophistication or all of the above. Depending on the wood choice it can even be cheaper and an easier material choice to work with, versus putting up sheetrock and then mudding and then sanding everything down several times and then having to cleanup all that nasty dust (yeah been there done that). Or sometimes you inherited those wood paneled walls when you bought your home, in that case you may want to think about painting it rather than spending a whole lotta' money ripping it out. Also picking the right furniture and art can help make the room work around the wood-a-licious look.  Maybe these pics will help inspire you to love them too. But this does beg me to ask, would you ever slap some wood up on your walls or better yet the whole room? You bet I would!
material options: reclaimed wood, plywood, repurposed wood pallets, bamboo planks, wood veneer, tongue and groove.

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